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20. MSU. Theatre geek. Disney freak. Dreamer. Hopless romantic.
"Walking in space we find the purpose of peace. The beauty of life, you can no longer hide."

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The hair! Where did you find it!?
Oh, I pulled it from a maiden in a tower.

"Being married someday is going to be so cool. like you get to come home to your best friend every single day and just do life together."

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“We were laying in bed just the other night, looking at the ceiling, and I said: ‘You know, it’s been thirty years, and it’s never felt worn. There’s never been a sense of tiredness with you.’”


The Castles of Disney Parks

1. Disneyland, 1955

2. Walt Disney World, 1971

3. Disneyland Tokyo, 1983

4. Disneyland Paris, 1992

5. Disneyland Hong Kong, 2005

6. Disneyland Shanghai, 2015

  • me: I'm going to bed early tonight.
  • me:
  • me: is that the sun

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